Wood Wise Cabins

The forest

The forest is the most important and precious thing we have. We bought our approx. 40 hectare property to feel good both mentally and physically, where we are surrounded by our own forest and don’t have to be afraid of waking up on the edge of a clear-cut. But we also had in mind that by buying forest, we concretely help to bind carbon dioxide for both us and hopefully future generations. Here we care for the forest with biological diversity as a focus. Half of our forest is old with a large proportion of dead wood, rich in both species of mosses, lichens, insects and fungi that are uncommon in production forests.

The other half of the forest was felled 10-15 years ago. Now we are working to clear the dense sly forest, where we actively choose to promote deciduous trees, including willow, which is important for pollinating insects in the spring. As in the rest of the forest, the goal is not to optimize the opportunities to fell, we cultivate biological diversity.

By protecting our forest and only extracting wood through thinning and in a couple of smaller areas through clearcutting, we also take care of the diversity that exists below the ground, above all the ”natural internet” that the mycelium of the mushrooms creates. The mycelium connects and connects to the roots of the trees, they form a network that both trees and other plants use to be able to communicate with each other chemically. The researchers call this network the ”Wood Wide Web”.

Knowledge and health

With our glass houses, we want to give people the chance to come into contact with the biologically diverse forest to feel good, but also to gain a greater understanding of the importance of valuable nature. We believe that diversity and knowledge give us people better health. Living in our glass cabins should feel empowering, wise and reflect our name, Wood Wise Cabins.


We use wool products in our bedding in the greenhouses. Wool bedding relieves and prevents allergies. Wool breathes and causes the moisture to evaporate and you sleep dry in an even and pleasant climate without temperature changes. Wool insulates and shuts out both cold and heat so you sleep just as well all year round. Around the wool fibers is an odor- and dirt-repellent fat, lanolin, which acts as a protective film. Dirt simply does not penetrate the wool.

Our plantations

Around our own house, we have about 4000 square meters of open land, where we have now started growing berry bushes and plants that will benefit bumblebees, bees, butterflies and other important pollinating insects. Our goal with the forest garden is to create as self-sustaining and self-fertilizing cultivation as possible, with great diversity and structures that strengthen the plants’ resistance to drought, pests, etc. Most of the plants are perennial, unlike the kitchen garden’s usually annual crops. The carbon storage in a forest garden is significantly higher than in a normal kitchen garden. To a large extent, it depends on the biomass that is stored all year round in the form of roots, leaves and other organic material.

In the garden we also have a pond that attracts frogs, salamanders, dragonflies, tailors, diving beetles and many other species of animals. Even a heron! We also create small biotopes such as stone cairns, where we have met, among other things, the rare hazel grouse and a large number of copper lizards.


Food, environment and health go hand in hand. As far as possible, we use our own grown berries and plants. Otherwise, we mainly buy locally grown and/or organic products. We compost and sort other waste. We have water from our own well and also collect water via gutters to reduce the consumption of ground water. We clean our glass houses with nature-friendly cleaning agents.

Our plan is for all outhouses to be replaced with gas-powered incineration toilets that burn all toilet waste at a high temperature. It is a hygienic and energy-saving alternative where electricity is missing, and also with the great advantage that we can reuse the ash in our plantations without risking, for example, spreading pharmaceutical residues in nature.

Sustainable constructions

The new woodsheds, houses and storage rooms we plan to build will all be made of wood from our own forest, where we harvest the trees with pick felling. In order to minimize the use of chemical substances, we will protect the wood in our constructions with a natural method, Yakisugi. This means carbonizing the surface of the wood, which protects the wood against both moisture and attack from fungi and insects.

"Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life"

“Séjourner chez Heidi et Matt c’est s’offrir une parenthèse de détente incroyable. Pour nous ce fût un coup de coeur et peut-être le meilleur moment de notre road-trip en Suède ! Nous avons tout simplement adoré dormir dans la maison de verre , bercés par le coeur de la forêt et profiter du calme et de la beauté de la nature environnante. Le lit est hyper confortable, le petit-déjeuner était délicieux, la cabane est douillette et joliment décorée, nos hôtes sont incroyablement gentils et attentionnés…. Ce fût pour nous un moment magique que nous ne sommes pas prêts d’oublier. C’est sans hésiter que nous vous conseillons cet endroit , qui vous réserve de nombreuses autres surprises : canoë, baignade dans le lac, cueillette de baies, sauna… etc… Matt et Heidi nous n’oublierons pas ces beaux moments passés dans votre belle campagne, et nous serons ravis de vous accueillir en France si vous voulez venir visiter notre région près de Toulouse. Merci!”

"This was the best airbnb I ever stayed at. My boyfriend, dog and I had an amazing time. The little house is very cosy and we woke up with a little rain, which made it extra special and idyllic. The (stress relief) thick blankets were very comfortable and nice to sleep under. The breakfast was deliciously and everything we wished for, with self baked cookies and fresh fruit from the forrest/garden. They also have a very cute yet big dog which made us very happy. My dog also loved him even though he’s very picky on who he likes. The hosts are very friendly and welcoming. They made us feel at home immediately and even had a lovely surprise! Hopefully we’ll come back in the future (when the chickens are running around their berry garden)."

“Kan verkligen rekommendera detta ställe. Så skönt, vackert och omtänksamt. Heidi och Mats är härliga människor som gör det lilla extra för att man ska känna sig välkommen och avslappnad.”

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